I took this photo from the window of a train in the Great Smoky Mountains of NC.
Sunday is a day of rest, right?  For me, it's usually a day of satisfying work.  Private work.  Home work.  Today I'll get invitations together for my son's classmates to his birthday party in two weeks.  I'll clean the kitchen.  I'll pick up the living room.  I'll put away laundry. Hopefully I'll find the manual to my camera and figure out how to fix it. I'll even try and find a little time to lay on the couch and watch bad TV for just an hour or so, for me.
Blogging daily is a lot of work. Fun work, but work.  My other plan today is to finally get some radishes pickled - something I've been meaning to try since I got back from North Carolina a couple weeks ago. We tried some pickled radishes at a lovely little locavore restaurant there, and I've been wanting to make a go of it at home ever since.
I recently acquired the Momofuku cook book.  I think I'm going to use the pickling discussion there as my jumping off point.
I promise to let you know how it goes. And since I want to work a little bit of rest into my Sunday, that's all the blogging for today.


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