Apples and Trees

Is there anything in the world like seeing a bit of yourself in your child, and finding just a bit more joy in who both of you are? It's not narcissistic, right? For me, it's more like self-acceptance through my true love of that kiddo, you know? One of my great joys in life is cooking with the kiddos and seeing just how much they really enjoying it. The Boy started surprisingly early. He seems to genuinely really love it, too.

The Boy was just a few months shy of 3 when he made this breakfast (And The Girl was about 8 when she filmed it....):

(This is really not a very exciting video, but it is somewhat amazing to watch a not yet 3 year old handle a fork this way. And again, I'm padding the blog. A post a day is pretty ambitious.....)
Really, the point here? I'm a big, big believer in getting the kids in the kitchen and having them cook, and it's never too early for them to start. Understanding where their food comes from, including visits to the farm, helping with grocery shopping and preparing the meals is so important in having a healthy relationship with food. At the end of the day, they're why I do it all. I want them to be healthy, and making their little bodies is so important to me.


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