Cooking Classes

 Announcing Mindful Bellyful Cooking Classes!

Please join me for monthly cooking lessons, in my home, focusing on simple, seasonal meals for busy individuals and families.

We'll focus on healthy, seasonal BASICS that can be applied to multiple recipes. The classes can be taken in ANY order. 

Each class will be just 2 - 4 people, and registration will include discussions around what specific meals, side-dishes and techniques are best for you, so that every class is customized to your specific needs. 

For more information, and to register for classes, please email me

Please email and inquire if you are interested in classes, but need alternate dates and/or times. And feel free to reach out and request a specific lesson or recipe!

Versatile Basics - Knife skills and Browning Meat 
September 18th. 4 - 6 PM  $80

In this lesson we'll focus on some simple basics that you'll use over and over for many standard recipes. We'll chop and sauté garlic and onion, and dive in to the basics for browning ground beef, chicken or turkey. 
These techniques are the basics for favorites like spaghetti sauce, taco filling and a simple chili. 
You'll leave the class with a ready-to-reheat entrée for 2 - 4 people. 

Roast Chicken and Sides
October 23rd. 4 - 6 PM $90

Does roasting a chicken feel like a mystery? This class will demystify the process. We'll roast a chicken, and prepare 2 - 3 simple sides to enjoy with your chicken.  
You'll leave the class with a ready-to-reheat entrée for 2 - 4 people, and a side dish (or more!) of your choice. 

November 13th. 4 - 7 PM $110

Just in time for the holidays, let's look at the secrets to successful pie making. 
We'll cover fruit pies and custard pies, in addition to the secrets to a successful crust. (And, I'll even give you permission to BUY a CRUST if it means you enjoy your time in the kitchen more.)

You'll leave the class with a fruit pie, a custard pie, and an additional pie which we'll determine together during the registration process. 

Christmas Cookies!
December 11th. All Ages! 2 - 5 PM $75 per FAMILY

Bring the kids! Come make Christmas Cookies!

We'll discuss the secrets to roll cookies, drop cookies and shortbread. 
We'll frost come cookies, too!
And, while I promise you'll learn plenty in this session, the focus will be on FUN. 


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