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Comfort Food for a Momma's Aching Heart

Photo by Sarah Bork photography My eldest child moved 1760 miles from home a few weeks ago. I am so proud of this person. I am well aware how lucky we are to have this exceptional human in our lives. I realize that going away to college, flying the nest, was always the goal. I know that we are among the fortunate few to have a child ready, willing and able to grow in to the next life stage. I am so grateful and proud and thrilled and honored. But that does that mean that my heart does not ache. It is not grief. It is not anger, or disappointment, or fear. But it is a very real heartache, even if it is borne of truly good fortune. I miss Nico profoundly. And so tonight, I am making meatloaf. Nico hates meatloaf. Even before Nico became a vegetarian, meatloaf was not a favorite. I, on the other hand, love meatloaf, and so does my husband Brit. Not only do I love meatloaf, but it is one of my favorite comfort foods. I love making it. I love eating it. It is a true comfort food in

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