Beet This*

We have an amazing farm share with Green Gate Farms. I love it. Every week is like my personal Top Chef challenge. Can I use all these ingredients? How many can I fit into a single recipe? Can we eat everything before next week? I feel a lot of pressure to not waste any of the food, since I love the farmers and value these gifts. And that pressure? It actually helps me insure my family eats fresh local food every night. And a little secret? The kids like the farmers, too, and they eat more veggies.

Last week we got some beets. I knew they were coming, because several weeks ago we had baby beet greens. Oh, the anticipation of those fresh beets. And I have to tell you; these surpassed my expectations.
I usually roast my beets. But, I was in a hurry and decided to grate them into a salad. I'm glad I did. These beets were too pretty to roast. And grated? They seriously looked like peppermint candy. I'm in love.

Beet and Tangerine Salad
Fresh salad greens**
1 - 2 medium sized beets, grated (I used a box grater, old school)
1 - 2 tangerines, mandarines, or oranges, segmented (Whatever you have on hand)
Juice from one small orange or tangerine
1 tbsp honey
3 tbsp olive oil
3 tbsp balsamic
Combine fluid ingredients in small bowl. Add grated beets and citrus segments. Put greens on plate, or in a big bowl, and top with contents of small bowl.

I also added some chopped cashews and some goat cheese. I encourage you to do the same.
Serves 1 - 2, or a family of four if the kids will only eat small bites of salad. This is a good one in my family, because the beets look like candy and the kids love citrus. I double the recipe.

*Is every foodie post about beautiful beets titled "Beet this"? I think it probably is. And I'm totally okay with that.
**Also from our farm share. Delish!


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